Nothing beats the excitement of hands-on archaeology, and with the new digging season almost upon us, there is no time to lose.

This is a chance to get practical experience, either before heading off to university, or putting into practice what has been studied in theory. But for most, this is simply a glorious way to pass the time.

Our guide covers the full gamut of locations, periods, and types: from fieldwalking to recording and cataloguing, from early Neolithic to Medieval and later – there is something for everyone. Some jobs require stamina, but many do not. Young or old, fit or not, time rich or time poor, all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to get involved.

So, if you are passionate about Prehistory, interested in the Iron Age, ruminating about Romans, or looking for a new angle on the Saxons, get out into the fresh air and discover…who knows what?

In your complete guide to archaeological excavations in and around Nottinghamshire, there is no excuse not to join in: look through our list of digs, find one that suits you – then enjoy getting dirty digging up the past!