TV Appearances

Over the last few years, members of FARI Archaeology have taken part in a number of excavations and projects for TV archaeology programmes.

Two Men In A Trench

In 2002, we were invited to provide local knowledge and take part in the excavations conducted by the "Two Men In A Trench".

This programme was concerned with battlefield archaeology and in particular with the sieges of Newark during the English Civil War.

Excavations were undertaken at various sites around Newark and at the village of Shelford further along the River Trent.

Time Team

In 2000, members of FARI Archaeology were invited to take part in a "Time Team" programme excavating an Anglo Saxon Cemetery at Normanton in Lincolnshire.

This included field walking and finds processing work.

In 2005, the "Time Team" programme came to Farndon to look specifically at one of the sites being worked on by FARI Archaeology as part of the week long Roman Big Dig.

Pictures of all these events are included on our gallery page.